Welcome to the Waldviertel Art Museum

One of the most unusual museums in northern Austria, the family-friendly Waldviertel Art Museum offers visitors stimulating exhibitions, a large sculpture park, and creative activities for all ages.

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The Unknown Universe


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The Sculpture Park: A Place of Discovery

The magical sculpture park with its many marvels forms a harmonious link between the international atmosphere of the museum architecture and the surrounding Waldviertel landscape.

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Art Courses and Creative Workshops

Art holds many secrets which only experienced artists can unlock for you. You’ll be amazed to discover how much natural talent is waiting to be tapped.

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Abenteuer Universum

Am 5.09. sind die Sternwarte Höhenberg und die Waldviertler Astronomische Gesellschaft erneut mit mobilen Teleskopen zu Gast. Ab 15 Uhr erwartet Kinder und Erwachsene daher ein tolles Programm mit Lichtexperimenten, Dia-Vortrag, Sternenbeobachtung und wissenschaftlicher Begleitung durch erfahrene Astronomen.

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Prof. Makis Warlamis paints live


Images of the Waldviertel

Prof. Makis Warlamis paints for residents and lovers of the Waldviertel.                                        Watch him painting and enjoy the exhibition of his Waldviertel images here:
September 4,  11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Krems ('Obere Landstraße, close to the Bürgerspitalkirche')

Opening Times & Prices

The new exhibition starts on March 21st, 2015

Address & Arrival

Mühlgasse 7a, 3943 Schrems


Das Neueste aus dem Kunstmuseum und dem angrenzenden IDEA Shop.