Programmes for schools

Art education, experience, learning, creativity programmes, personality development

The Waldviertel art museum offers age appropriate didactic programmes for all levels of education, interesting and experience-driven guided tours and multi-faceted creativity workshops under professional guidance. The museum's main concern is the development of individual personalities and the strengthening of social groups by means of working creatively with art. 
A qualified team of artists, teachers and architects develops yearly key topics and willingly takes up specific theme requests of teachers.


1. Guided tour through the annual exhibition. Free stay at the sculpture park.
Duration: 1,5 h
Admission fee without guided tour:       € 4,50
Admission fee with guided tour:            € 6,50

2. Creativity workshop. Guided tour through the exhibition and the sculpture park with subsequent creativity workshop. Pupils design art by experimentalising with different techniques (painting/collage, ceramics or plaster). Please inform us about your choice when you register for a workshop!        Duration ca. 3,5 h

Admission fee, guided tour and creativity workshop painting/collage (including materials)        € 16,-

Admission fee, guided tour and creativity workshop ceramics or plaster (including materials)  € 18,-

3. Bread baking in the 'Makis-Miro' outdoor oven. Guided tour, baking and tasting bread   € 14,-
Only in the summertime. Duration: ca. 3,5 h        

4. Project days or project week
Guided tour through the exhibition and the sculpture park as well as creativity programmes. Classes may choose between ceramics, painting/collage, sculpting, fashion, theater, film, experiments and stagings in the park; final presentation
One day workshop (2 x 3 hours):                                                                                                   € 29,-

Two adults per class (e.g. teachers, group leaders, parents) have free admission.

Prices valid for the season of 2018