Signs of Life – Warlamis – Graphic works

An Exciting journey through art – March 21st, 2020 – January 10th, 2021

With its ambitious program, the Waldviertel art museum has reached a high significance in the culture scene of Lower Austria for several years. Passion and commitment for the arts, which “pervades and inspires all areas of life” characterize the atmosphere of the museum.

This credo of the great universal artist Makis Warlamis (who died in 2016) is kept up by artist Heide Warlamis and an expert team of artists working together for decades. That is why the annual exhibition 2020 was given the characteristic title "Signs of Life". It provides insight into the rarely shown graphic works of the artist and architect of different image cycles.

The annual exhibition 2020 in the Waldviertel art museum provides insight into the graphic works of universal artist and museum’s founder Makis Warlamis (1942 – 2016).

In addition to the well-known, often large-size, pictorial cycles and themes, which still fascinate thousands of people nationally and internationally, Warlamis left behind a considerably comprehensive archive of graphic works. Drawings, ideas, drafts, smaller cycles, architectural experiments, portraits, studies, illustrations, and so on. In his sketch books, which accompanied him everywhere and on his travels, we find traces of his constant creativity.

The Waldviertel art museum dedicates the exhibition "Signs of Life" to the artist’s passion and artistic discipline with a composition of works that has never been shown before. Nowhere but in the drawing, the graphic work, we can see the personal style of the artist more clearly and comprehend the creative production of the distinctive work of art better.

Once again the Waldviertel art museum especially addresses the children in the annual exhibition 2020. In the children’s gallery, young artists can help realize an infinite wall-drawing.