Utopias and Visions: Waldviertel, Land of Marvels II

The exhibition examines the Waldviertel region several decades from now as well as in the very distant future: in 2050, in 3000, in 5000. What will the landscape be like? How do the towns, the people look? What kind of quality of life can be expected?

Along with their impressions of the present, artists offer their utopias and visions for the Waldviertel of the future. Archaeological finds from the region, on loan from the Krahuletz Museum in Eggenburg, provide a look back to prehistoric times.

What do we hope for? What do we want to preserve? Which values do we cherish? There are so many questions concerning our common future. Visitors are asked to share their ideas.

  • Krahuletz Museum, Eggenburg: Fritz Steininger, Johannes M. Tuzar
  • Film, photography, nature studies: Ernst Wandaller, Dieter Manhart
  • Artists: Kyoko Adaniya-Baier, Lydia Dürr, Wilhelm Kollar, Franz Politzer, Hans Sisa, Heide
  • Warlamis, Makis Warlamis
  • Project organizer: Prof. Makis Warlamis
  • Curator: Bernhard Antoni