The Lower Austrians

March 23, 2012 - January 13, 2013

This special exhibition takes a close look at the inhabitants of what is today the federal province of Lower Austria. The lives of people across the ages can be experienced through their myths, rituals and customs. Who were the Lower Austrians in the past? Who are they today, and who will they become in the future? Who is the present-day Venus of Willendorf?

A good part of the exhibition is made up of real-life portraits. Subjects range from ordinary individuals and people at work to politicians, sports figures and artists. Some have famous names like Leopold Figl, Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka, Hermann Nitsch, Liese Prokop or Erwin Pröll.

Makis Warlamis, the organizer of the exhibition, said, “I wish I could paint the portraits of all Lower Austrians because each and every one of them is part of the history and future of the province of Lower Austria.”

Report about the exhibition by TVW4, including an interview with Prof. Makis E. Warlamis

  • Project organizer: Makis Warlamis
  • Curators, graphic design: Bernhard Antoni, Ruth Schremmer
  • Film, video, photos: Dimitris Protopsaltou, Karin Antoni