The secret of Athos. Spiritual. Sensational

March 22 – January 11, 2014

The exhibition of 2014 resembles a journey to the unique UNESCO world cultural heritage Athos.

Artist Makis Warlamis takes visitors of this memorable exhibition into a world of sacred buildings and sketes of Athos and the lives of the monks. Because of its seclusion, its unique nature, culture and spirituality, the holy mountain of Athos provides an oasis of tranquility and peacefulness in a tumultuous and bustling world.                                                                                                        

"From each of my visits to the holy mountain of Athos I took a deep and intense experience with me,“ says Prof. Warlamis. The artist and architect dedicates an impressive cycle of paintings to ‚his paradise,‘ as he calls it, and, by means of his images, created a journey into the mysterium, the deeper secret of the holy mountain. The multimedia presentation, which was exhibited in the European parliament in Brussels and in the Byzantine museums of Thessaloniki and Athens, includes numerous paintings of monasteries, landscapes and monchs – partially meticulously, partially expressively painted.
The collection of paintings and multimedia stagings - a chapel, a prayer room, the singing of the monchs and the films - reveals this spiritual, internal harmony perceptible on Athos.

The taste of Greek wine, olives, bread and monastery soup also belongs to the experience of this fascinating and unique world.

The exhibtion „Athos. The holy mountain“ presents:

  • the famous collection of Athos paintings
  • the sacred buildings of monasteries and sketes on Athos
  • the spirituality of architecture and landscapes
  • the ritual lives and songs of the monchs
  • images, films, installations, music


Enjoy the video-tour through the exhibition "Secret of Athos" made by TV Waldviertel