Annual exhibition 2017: Garden of Eden

March 25th, 2017 - January 14th, 2018

In memoriam Makis Warlamis, 1942 - 2016

The great annual exhibition 2017 entitled "Garden of Eden" leads us into a magical world of colours and fascinating natural phenomena and is also a memorial exhibition for the artist, architect and founder of the museum Prof. Makis Warlamis who deceased in 2016.

The experience-guided exhibition presents impressive paintings from different cycles of the artist and deals with the beauty and variety of nature and the endless longing for a paradise via images, room installations and films.

Amidst images of flowers and plants, arcadian landscapes and paradisiac gardens visitors experience paradise on earth. We are brought closer to a life in harmony with nature, the environment, the universe. The exhibition invites us to regenerate and recover in troubled and stressful times with the help of the healing powers of art.








The 'painted paradise gardens' come to life in the museum's sculpture park whose garden architecture forms a balance between the ever growing nature and art. This amazing park is lovingly and artistically designed with countless inscrutable riddles that stimulate the imagination. It is a park of magical architecture with poetic texts by Prof. Warlamis. 

The varied programme for the entire family

Interesting tours for the entire family guide you through the exhibition.
Younger visitors can puzzle their way through the museum and the sculpture park, followed by a small surprise for every child who could solve all the riddles.

Children, adolescents and adults playfully explore the "green paradise" in topic-related creativity courses.

The museum's shop and the IDEA shop present tasteful designs for your home and garden.

Find more information on opening hours, admission and directions here.

Duration of the exhibition: March 25th, 2017 - January 14th, 2018
Location: Das Kunstmuseum Waldviertel
Team of curators: Karin Antoni, Bernhard Antoni, Ruth Schremmer
Pedagogical supervision and guidance: Heide Warlamis, Karin Antoni, Bernhard Antoni