Annual exhibition 2018: Wonderful forest

From March 24th to January 13th 2019 the impressive exhibition gives an insight into the complex mysteries of the forest .....

In 2018, the annual exhibition with the title and theme "Wonderful forest" deals with the complex mysteries of the forest. Starting from the artistic and intellectual legacy of the great universal artist and founder of the museum Makis Warlamis (1942-2016), who found a second home in the Waldviertel, the multimedia exhibtion presents images, sculptures, photographies, installations and videos of national and international artists: works of art by Makis and Heide Warlamis, Hans Sisa, Peter Weber, Eleonore Hettl, Stephanie Balih, Radu and Liliana Moraru, Anca Pintilie, Axenia Rosca, Livia Petrescu, Radu Handru, Karin Antoni and Bernhard Antoni-Bubestinger, Anton Zach and Andreas Rössler, and many more.

The works of art are accompanied by interesting contributions from art history, the current research on forestry, and the wood industry, through to information about the last remaining primeval forest of Lower Austria. The exhibition intends to make the inestimable value of this age-old living environment visible and noticeable for the people. This value holds biological, economic, and health relevant benefits as well as secrets that art can make perceptible.

We would like to thank our cooperation partners who contributed to the realization of this exhibtion in manifold ways:

  • Bundesforschungszentrum Wald
  • NÖ Waldverband
  • Pro Holz NÖ
  • Kooperationsplattform Forst-Holz-Papier
  • Nationalpark Thayatal
  • Schutzgebietsverwaltung Wildnisgebiet Dürrenstein
  • Österreichische Bundesforste
  • Ministerium für Umwelt, Land- bzw. Forstwirtschaft
  • Wohnen im Waldviertel
  • Waldviertel Akademie
  • Wirtschaftsforum Waldviertel

Private companies from the wood processing industry, timber construction, tourism and printing technology:

  • Elk Fertighaus GmbH
  • Rudda Innentüren und Parkettböden
  • Hartl Haus
  • Sägewerk Zwickl
  • Baumhauslodge Schrems
  • Druckerei Janetschek