The Art Gallery

As of November 16th, 2017 - February 28th, 2018

Art works by Prof. Makis Warlamis "Garden of Eden" & "Art for Everyone"

As of November 16th, the museum's gallery presents paintings created by Prof. Makis Warlamis. In accordance with the exhibition "Garden of Eden", the gallery presents arcadian landscapes, roses, flower- and plant images in various formats and techniques.

From November 16th until January 14th, 2018 the Waldviertel art museum will give € 30,- of each proceeds of the "Art for everyone" series to the charity organisation "Hilfe im eigenen Land" which helps in case of catastrophes.

Paintings of the artist's great "Art for Everyone" project can also be found in the gallery, the online-gallery and the IDEA shop.

Gallery of the Waldviertel art museum                                                                                       Mühlgasse 7 and 7a, 3943 Schrems
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The Gallery

The museum's gallery shows selected works from the Waldviertel Art Museum’s permanent collection of paintings, sculptures, etchings and silkscreen prints are on exhibit in the Art Gallery. Among the artists represented are Eleonore Hettl, Wilhelm Kollar, Franz Politzer, Hans Sisa, Heide Warlamis and Makis Warlamis.

The gallery presents annual editions of premium-quality original prints on canvas and paper from the extensive oeuvre of one of the museum’s founding directors, internationally acclaimed artist Makis Warlamis. The prints are created from his abstract works, landscapes and cityscapes, still lifes, architectural designs, and series of paintings, including Le Jardin Mystique, The New Vision and Nature’s Reawakening.