Garden Show Days

Sat, 19.06.2021 – Sun, 20.06.2021

Sculpture Park Experience

Garden Show Days

Sa, 19.6.2021 - So, 20.6.2021

Once again this year, we are participating in the Garden Show Days for Lower Austria.

Inside our museum visitors, can experience the impressive exhibitions "Analog" and "Dialogue", in addition to our expansive Sculpture Park with its unique outdoor garden architecture.

The park landscape features large sculputres, mysterious stone courts, an impressive open-air theatre, the Marien-Chapel along with the heavenly pillars. Always welcoming, especially when the weather is nice, inviting one to stroll, linger and relax.

As part of the Garden Days Show, the art museum offers the themed "Garden Ceramics" workshop,  for adults and youth on Saturday from 2pm to 5pm.  Create a personal work of art for your home garden!

(Register by calling 02852/72 888; adults €45,-,  Youth €22,-) Workshop Link

The entire art museum team is looking forward to your visit!

More details on the Garden Days Show in LINK