Group tourists

Programmes for groups, guided tours, bread baking, workshops, restaurants and further tourist attractions

The legendary Waldviertel art museum is a pleasant museum with experience-oriented exhibitions, a fascinating sculpture park and many more offers for all ages, including creative activity experiences and bread baking in the outdoor sculpture oven.

We would be pleased to arrange an individual programme for your group:


1. Guided tour trough the impressive annual exhibition, the outdoor sculpture park and the unique IDEA shop, offering a wide variety of products, souvenirs, gifts, accessories and carpets (Warlamis designs). Optionally we also serve culinary snacks

Admission fee                                                                     € 7,50
Admission fee & guided tour                                              €  10,-
Admission fee, guided tour, drinks, cake or sandwiches   € 14,-

2. Baking bread in the ‚Makis-Miro‘- sculpture (outdoor oven). Guided tour through the current exhibition and the sculpture park plus bread baking in the outdoor oven according to ancient recipes (only in the summertime). Afterwards, visit to the IDEA shop
Duration: ca. 2,5 - 3 h
Admission fee - guided tour - baking & tasting                                   € 16,–

3. A world of beautiful products. The IDEA shop offers wonderful products, created with love and selected from all over Europe in fascinating seasonal exhibitions: spring, Easter, summer, autumn and the great, popular Christmas exhibition.
Free admission!
On request we serve coffee and cake or sandwiches                        € 4,-

4. Art and ceramics workshops for smaller groups under ten participants on request

5. Combined offers with further regional tourist attractions (e.g. UnterWasserReich, Himmelsleiter, Schremser beer brewery, Käsemacherwelt, Waldviertler Hoftheater and many more) and restaurants on request

Per group of 20 people, one tour guide and one bus driver have free admission

Prices valid for the season of 2018.

More information via T 02853/72888 or