SILVA artis in Prague

A collaborative Austrian-Czech arts project, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the province of Lower Austria 

Exhibition venues: Gallery of the Austrian Cultural Forum Prague, Ambit of the Franciscan Monastery – July 11th until September 22nd 2022

Makis Warlamis (AT)
Heide Warlamis (AT)
Jitka Chrištofová (CZ) 
Sára Skoczková (CZ) 
David Tureček (CZ) 
Bernhard Antoni (AT) 
Hans Sisa (AT) 
Erich Giese (AT) 
Daniel Černý (CZ) 
Hana Sommerová (CZ) 
Antonia Hinterreitner (AT) 
Peter Weber (AT) 
Petr Gruber (CZ) 
Alice Waisserová (CZ) 
Jakub Myslín (CZ) 
Karin Antoni (AT)



As part of the 100th anniversary of Lower Austria, the state of Lower Austria and the Austrian Cultural Forum Prague, invite you to visit the cross-border exhibition SILVA artis.
 The SILVA ARTIS concept is based on a series of exhibitions and events, that pay homage to the common cultural space of the Northern Forest (Silva Nortica). Over time, this forest, has held together what man once separated. The joy of nature cannot be suppressed by the reality of history. In the current show, 18 artists representing Lower Austria, Southern Bohemia and Vysočina province, interpret the wonderful nature and landscape of our regions in their works, as our common basis of life and source of identity. 

It is an existential trait of human sophistication to keep striving in search of a glimpse of the supposed paradise, in the oppression of everyday life. The forest, as such, is a Garden of Eden on earth. With this exhibition we provide a compass in which to orientate ourselves, based on the inner laws that the forest space gives us. With the intention of enabling visitors to immerse themselves in this atmosphere. Economically, ecologically and artistically, the interest in the forest is more relevant than ever. We are glad that so many Austrian and Czech artists are taking on this topic, programmatically committed with a strong presence, all in a personal way, and from differing perspectives. What unites them is the love for their forest, for nature. 

This joint exhibition by Austrian and Czech artists is reminiscent of the original meaning of the word cultura/colere. Cultural work means nurturing, cultivating and to building-up. The Kunstmuseum Waldviertel sees itself as a regional center from which this work emanates. This impressive presentation has been realized and assembled thanks to excellent cooperation with the gallery of the Vysočina in Jihlava . As well as the support from the state of Lower Austria and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague. Taking this wonderful opportunity to celebrate together, the benevolent neighborhood and the neighborly cohesion, on this occasion of the 100th anniversary of Lower Austria.


Jungmannovo námestí 18, Prag 1 | Praha 1
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July 11 until September 22nd 2022
Opening hours Monday to Friday: 10 am to 5 pm 
closed on Austrian and Czech Holidays 

Season 2022

March 26, 2022 – January 15, 2023

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