Design and Plan

Design and plan

The fascinating sculpture park of the art museum is modeled gently undulating, like the Waldviertel itself. Paths, walls, and stone squares are inscribed in it, on which large, painted sculptures are positioned in rows, groups or individually. A unique land art project in cooperation with nature.

This park of amazement is a park of architectural magic, a small architectural that leaves the various aggregate states of architecture open. Without a roof and ‘senseless’ furniture. A place of initiation into the deepest secrets of architectural design. As seldom anywhere else, the bond between heaven and earth becomes visible in this place. The heavy scraps of stone in the Waldviertel stretch upwards with an ease that is only possible in art and become ‘pillars of heaven’.

The stone architecture dispenses with external ornaments. In its raw state, it creates the homey, the hospitable, the unadulterated, and exudes the fascination of the unfinished. At the same time, it updates the tradition of the ‘granite city’ Schrems with an artistic dimension.

In the architectural design of the walls and squares, the artist-architect Warlamis draws on the repertoire of archaic, primeval architecture. The technique of dry-stone masonry creates the connection to the remains of the megalithic culture of Malta and Central Greece. The walls and squares, which are integrated into nature, are reminiscent of excavated remains of an imaginary city of the past and the future simultaneously.

Squares and groups of sculptures

Season 2022

March 26, 2022 – January 15, 2023

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