Tina Dietz - Photo Exhibition "From the Diary of a Flaneuse"

June 25 To August 28, 2022

Tina Dietz studied landscape design and artistic photography. She has been working as a
freelance photographer and artist since 1992, having created inter/national exhibitions
throughout Europe and the Americas.

“Photography is my search for truth, and serves as a guide in a world that often seems
complicated enough to me. I’m interested in what’s obviously there, but not closely
examined. It’s like a parallel world that I enter in the meadows, ditches and neighboring
gardens, and yet it’s the reality for which I keep getting on my knees.“

Tina Dietz gets on her knees in the truest sense of the word, she photographs the flowers on the spot, with her black trousers as a backdrop, without any further staging or aids. The result is macro shots of unexpectedly beautiful structures: great shapes, colors, arrangements of petals and stamens. The variety and perfection of these structures, only becoming apparent to the viewer, through a very specific perspective. All of this can be received in different ways – at first you can enjoy it in a hedonistic way – it is a great viewing experience. In fact, it is also more: it represents the artistic process of transforming reality – the creation of ones very own cosmos through the medium of art. Within it contains a message of great relevance for our society. What is presented here is nature – a system of high efficiency, in which each element plays a well-defined role in a larger context, but also a system that creates configurations of incredible aesthetics. Seeing these flowers in their delicate and sensitive beauty, the level of brutality with which we are currently threatening nature becomes immediately palpable.

Helene Karmasin

Season 2022

March 26, 2022 – January 15, 2023

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