Silva Artis

September 25, 2021 to January 16, 2022
An exciting, transnational exhibition project

As early as 1991, two years after the fall of the ‚Iron Curtain‘, the cities of Schrems and Třeboň established a cross-border partnership that will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year (2021).
On the occasion of this anniversary and at the same time, as a starting point for the further deepening of the relationships, this exciting transnational exhibition project was created, which is dedicated to the
connecting habitat of the northern forest / Silva Nortica.

Paulina Skavová, Irena Friess Staneva, Josefina Jonášová, Daniel Černý, Kateřina Coufalová

This is the first of two exhibitions on the topic of Northern Forest (Silva Nortica).
15 Czech artists are showing their work here in Schrems, followed by a presentation by Austrian artists in Třeboň in spring 2022. SILVA artis is a cross-border art project paying homage to a common cultural space.

Vilém Balej – Ondřej Basjuk – Daniel Černý -Kateřina Coufalová – Jan Doleček – Anežka Hlinková – Michael Hon – Josefina Jonášová – Jaroslava Kadlecová – Aleš Růžička – Irena Friess Staneva – Paulina Skavová – Ladislav Skočný – David Tureček – Pavel Frank Zaigla

Jaroslava Kadlecová, Pavel Frank Zaigla, Vilém Balej

The Forest has held together over time what man once separated. The joy of nature cannot be suppressed by the reality of history. Our longing for a view of paradise is immortal. The forest is such a Garden of Eden on earth. We can count ourselves lucky to live in the middle of such a forest.

Anežka Hlinková

The complexity of the forest area also requires the non-rational, the puzzling, the incomprehensible, the memory and the feeling to be included in the discussion. An approximately holistic understanding can only be an artistic, poetic one, because the essence of the forest lies not only in its use.

Jan Doleček, David Tureček, Michael Hon, Aleš Růžička, Ondřej Basjuk

Season 2022

March 26, 2022 – January 15, 2023

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