SILVA artis - part 2 - Třeboň

11.2. – 12.6.2022

We welcome you to the SILVA artis II exhibition, located in the Štěpánek Netolický house in Třeboň. This is the second exhibition presented, with the theme Northern Forest (Silva Nortica). In the autumn of 2021, 15 Czech artists exhibited their works in our museum in Schrems.  As a continuation of this exchange, the Kunstmuseum Waldviertel has curated an exhibition, by Lower Austrian artists, presented in Třeboň. SILVA artis is a cross-border art project, as a homage to the common regional cultural space.



Over the course of time, the forest has held together what man once separated. However, the reality of the historical narrative does not suppress the joy of this natural landscape. Our longing for a view of paradise is immortal. The forest is, as such, a Garden of Eden on earth. We are lucky to live in the midst of such a forest.



The two exhibitions (in Třeboň and Schrems) are the commencement of a long-term expanded cooperation. This partnership will disseminate like roots and small trees,  into a whole forest of developing cultural activities. The joint exhibitions are an orientation into the inner workings of our edict that the forest space affords us. Immersing the visitor in an atmosphere that enables the promotion of original thought and the unity of thinking and feeling again.


OPENING HOURS until June 12, 2022

February−March: Wed−Sun 10−12, 13−16 / April: Wed−Sun 10−12, 13−17 / May: Mon−Sat 10−12, 13−17 / June: Mon−Sat 10−17. Groups by appointment. Subject to change.


Permanent ExpositionThe cultural center of Třeboň,  with its pond fishing heritage, adventure tours, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, seminars and art shop.

The Štěpánek Netolický House, is located in the historic center of Třeboň. The main attraction of this Renaissance center is the permanent exposition dedicated to the Třeboň pond and fishing heritage, as well as exposing the personality of the fishing ponds builder, Štěpánek Netolický. In addition to this permanent collection, the house also includes gallery rooms, which are used primarily for temporary exhibitions in the field of fine arts. The ART Shop on the ground floor offers artworks by leading artists, glassmakers, designers, sculptors, jewelers and artisans. The representative hall of the house is used for various cultural and social events.  An ongoing program of creative workshops for children and adults are offered, as well as selected thematic workshops, lectures and conferences, can all be experienced here. Also a suitable rental space for events.

Season 2022

March 26, 2022 – January 15, 2023

Opening Hours

March – June, September

Tue – Sun, and on holidays: 10 am to 5 pm

July and August:

daily: 10 am to 6 pm

October – January:

Wed – Sun, and on holidays: 10 am to 5 pm

Closed on: December 24, 25 and 31 and on January 1.

For groups, kindergardens and school classes seperate hours can be arranged.