Sign of life – Warlamis – grafic masterpieces

An Exciting journey through art

The annual exhibition 2020 in the Waldviertel art museum provides insight into the graphic works of universal artist Makis Warlamis (1942 – 2016) and invites everybody to participate: Send us your “sign of life”. Please have a look at the details about the initiative and the audience gallery. The title of the new annual exhibition 2020 is also “Signs of Life” and might offer you some inspiration.

The exhibition has reopenend on May 15th. If you would like to go on a virtual tour through the new exhibition, we offer you an online guided tour with curator Bernhard Antoni-Bubestinger who is pleased to give you information about individual topics and works of art of Makis Warlamis…

In addition to the well-known, often large-size pictorial cycles and themes, which still fascinate thousands of people nationally and internationally, Warlamis left behind a considerably comprehensive archive of graphic works.

Experience art vividly and join in. Nowhere but in the drawing, the graphic work, we can see the personal style of the artist more clearly and comprehend the creative production of the distinctive work of art. The annual exhibition 2020 in the Waldviertel art museum gives an insight into the graphic works of universal artist and museum’s founder Makis Warlamis (1942 – 2016).

Exciting and unusually staged, the exhibition presents the passionate „signs of life“ of the artist and architect Makis Warlamis on a thematically arranged stroll through diverse periods of creative work. In his sketch books, which accompanied him on all his ways and travels, we find traces of his continuous creativity: drawings, ideas, drafts, smaller cycles, architectural experiments, portraits, studies, illustrations about nature, architecture, people, and so on.

Let the exhibition surprise you how interesting graphic art can be. Portraits hang from the ceiling, images and sketches transform into sculptures and invite visitors to participate. This is the message of the artist: „Get inspired by the works of art and leave your own sign of life“. A whole room of the exhibition is kept free for visitor’s drawings, sketches and their traces of life. We invite children and adults alike to become creative!

Season 2022

March 26, 2022 – January 15, 2023

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